Gravitational wave and relativistic fundamental astronomy group

  Our group focuses on the gravitational wave (GW) astronomy and relativistic fundamental astronomy. The main research directions include numerical simulation and analytical modeling of low-frequency gravitational wave sources, studying astrophysics, gravitational theory and cosmology with GWs, and application of relativity to high-precision astrometry and space-science experiments in the solar system. Currently, this research group try to understand the dynamic evolution and gravitational waves of extreme-mass-ratio binaries, and to study the role of this kind of gravitational wave in astronomy and fundamental physics. The main research methods are numerical simulation of black hole perturbation theory, post Newtonian approximation, effective-one-body theory, and the multi-messenger observations. The group currently participate in Taiji, Tian Qin projects, and the PI is a member of LISA and KAGRA.
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