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Center for Galaxy and Cosmology
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        The Research Center for Galaxy & Cosmology is engaged in the basic research of astrophysics. The center has made important research achievements in areas such as the theory and statistical analysis of large-scale cosmological structure, formation and evolution of galaxies, AGN, structure of the Milky Way, and black hole physics. The center is in the leading position in China in a number of fields, and some of its accomplishments have important international influence with increasing visibility. Members of the center have undertaken a number of national science research activities, such as the 973 Project, National Foundation Committee’s Innovation Group Project, CAS Foreign Team Project, National Foundation Committee’s Distinguished Young Scholar Fund Project, National Foundation Committee’s Major Fund Project, etc. The center is also responsible for the scientific objective of the LAMOST Telescope  a National Key Scientific Engineering Project.

        The center’s main research directions include black hole accretion, high-energy astrophysics, AGN, dark matter and dark energy, large-scale cosmological structure, formation and evolution of galaxies in the cosmological background, star clusters and Milky Way structure, radio astrophysics, formation of extrasolar planetary systems, etc. While holding its favorable position in theoretical research and numerical simulations, the center has been actively developing observational astrophysics, and enthusiastically participating in many major domestic and international research programs such as SDSS IV.

        Presently the center has 44 research and technical workers, including 6 recipients of the National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, and 11 candidates being selected into the CAS One Hundred Talent Project.  

Research Teams Principal Scientists
Star Clusters and Structure of the Milky Way HOU Jinliang
Galactic Structure and Formation of AGN CAO Xinwu
Cosmology and Large-Scale Structure LIN Weipeng
Radio Astrophysics SHEN Zhiqiang
Black Hole Accretion and High-Energy Astrophysics YUAN Feng 
Formation of Galaxies YANG Xiaohu 
Cosmology and Basic Physics ZHANG Pengjie 
Observational High-Energy Astrophysics YU Wenfei
Compact Stellar Objects WANG Zhongxiang
Galaxy Structure and Dynamics SHEN Juntai
Galaxy Evolution and AGN HAO Lei
The Partner Group of Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics LI Cheng

Department webpage: http://astro-en.shao.cas.cn/

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