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The Location of SHAO
Cosmic Beacons Reveal the Milky Way's Ancient Core
1212.jpg An international team of astronomers led by Dr . Andrea Kunder of the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam ( AIP ) in Germany and Dr . R . Michael Rich of UCLA has discovered that the central 2000 light years within the Milky Way Galaxy hosts an ancient population of stars .
SHAO Astronomers discovered 15 candidate X-ray transients in the nearby satellite galaxy NGC 55
1.jpg Our Milky Way Galaxy is not alone in space. There are a number of smaller satellite galaxies which orbit around it. In the southern hemisphere, one can easily see two of our closest neighbours without a telescope, which are the well-known Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, about 160,000--200,000 ...
Scientific Progress
SHAO Astronomers discovered 15 candidate X-ray transients in the nearby satellite... [2016.04.07]
SHAO astronomers discovered a previously unknown streaming population by LAMOST [2016.02.22]
New study reveals that big galaxies grow by cannibalizing smaller ones [2015.09.18]
SHAO’s progress on the second transitional pulsar binary [2015.09.06]
Studying Galaxy Population in the Big Data Era [2016.01.18]
Cosmology and Astrophysics with Galaxy Clusters from the Numerical Perspective [2016.01.05]
New developments of Fast Radio Bursts [2015.12.28]
Prospects for chemically tagging stars in the Galaxy [2015.12.28]
2016 Spaceborne Earth Observations and Global Change Workshop & Summer School
2016 SKA workshop on SDP&HPC(2016.5.11-13)
1st International Conference on GNSS+ (ICG+2016)
The 4th China-U.S. Workshop on Radio Astronomy Science and Technology
SHAO was formally established in 1962 following the amalgamation of the former Xujiahui (originally spelt Zi-Ka-Wei) and Sheshan observatories, which were founded by the French Mission Catholique in 1872 and 1900 respectively.
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